13 November 2010

New base-sixteen.org listings: 7-13 Nov

Recently added resource listings at base-sixteen.org. Some of the CS Unplugged resources were already listed, but I finally went through and made sure they were all present and accounted for.


How To Design Programs - An Introduction to Programming and Computing - A free book that provides an introduction to programming using Racket (a dialect of Scheme). This was created as part of the "Teach Scheme - Reach Java" project.

Bookstrap - A middle-school curriculum for introducing students to programming based on "How to Design Programs".

How to Design Worlds : Imaginative Programming in DrScheme - A collection of project assignments for "How to Design Programs" and "Bootstrap".

DrRacket - A freely-available, cross-platform IDE for Racket. Formerly called DrScheme.

WebScheme - A cloud-based IDE for creating programs in Racket.

National Center for Women & Information Technology

Computer Science-in-a-Box: Unplug Your Curriculum - Collection of CS Unplugged activities in single, easy-to-download PDF.

Computer Science Unplugged

1: Count the Dots - Binary Numbers
2: Colour by Numbers - Image Representation
3: You Can Say That Again! - Text Compression
4: Card Flip Magic - Error Detection & Correction
5: Twenty Guesses - Information Theory
6: Battleships - Searching Algorithms
7: Lightest and Heaviest - Sorting Algorithms
8: Beat the Clock - Sorting Networks
9: The Muddy City - Minimal Spanning Trees
10: The Orange Game - Routing and Deadlock in Networks
11: Treasure Hunt - Finite-State Automata
12: Marching Orders - Programming Languages
13: The Poor Cartographer - Graph Coloring
14: Tourist Town - Dominating Sets
15: Ice roads - Steiner Trees
16: Sharing Secrets - Information Hiding Protocols
17: The Peruvian Coin Fip - Cryptographic Protocols
18: Kid Krypto - Public-key Encryption
19: The Chocolate Factory - Human Interface Design
20: Conversations with Computers - The Turing Test

Santa's Dirty Socks - Divide and Conquer - An animated video showing how Santa used a divide-and-conquer approach to save Christmas.

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